Wiltshire Liberal Democrats' Plan for Wiltshire

By Joshua Charles, Dec 16, 2020 2:12

Wiltshire Liberal Democrats' have a bold and ambitious plan for the county.

The plan aims to lead Wiltshire through its recovery through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Lib Dem control of Wiltshire Council will mean substantial reform of the way the council works with and supports residents, business and the many people who use the council’s services.

We will provide leadership as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Funding from central government for local councils has been slashed, leaving them dependent on council tax and other income they can raise.  We will:

  • create an active ‘can do’ council that improves services for its residents
  • follow the best practice seen elsewhere, including raising money by using council resources and forming partnerships with volunteers and charities.
  • harness the skills and energies of local people by forging collaborative partnerships with community organisations
  • work to make Wiltshire net zero carbon by 2030 and to protect our green spaces and biodiversity. 

Good councils take action to help local people live well and achieve their potential, but Wiltshire hasn’t achieved as much as it could have.  For too long Wiltshire residents have been excluded from the real decisions the county makes. This includes the county’s budget and how we plan housing and development in Wiltshire. This will change under a Lib Dem administration.

Citizens Assemblies and residents panels will bring local people together to discuss the biggest issues that impact on Wiltshire and its residents throughout the year. We will ensure that residents who use our services the most are most closely involved in the design and delivery of services. This will include adult social care, re-enablement, care leavers and people with learning disabilities.

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