Section 2 - Places

Caring about the places where we live

“Our plan is to build thriving communities which are innovative, flexible, resilient and prepared for the future..” Liberal Democrat policy

In this section of the manifesto, we set out our plans to improve the places where people live.

These policies aim to provide Wiltshire’s people with both a clean environment and a strong economy. So you’ll see, for example, policies to promote public transport, cycling and walking as well as to attract new businesses to the area and support Armed Force personnel and families.

We also want Wiltshire to be a leader in planning and housing, where our approach is to develop lively communities that involve a good mix of well-designed, low carbon homes as well as shared facilities and transport links – in other words, preserving our green spaces, not more and more housing estates on the edges of towns. 

So this section includes our plans to work imaginatively, efficiently and inclusively to deliver localised decision-making, a sustainable environment, good jobs and quality public transport.

It covers the following: