Section 1 - People


Caring about the people who live here

“We champion the freedom, dignity and wellbeing of individuals. We acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.” Liberal Democrat Constitution

In this section of the manifesto, we set out our plans to improve life for the people of Wiltshire. The Liberal Democrats’ vision is built around a belief that everyone is unique and should be able to develop their talents, enjoy wellbeing and fulfil their potential.

In a council like Wiltshire, that includes ensuring that every child gets the best start in life, supporting vulnerable families, promoting healthy living, providing care services that meet people’s needs and welcoming everyone. Where no one is left out, we all thrive.

Because funding is limited, we aim to make use of available assets and capabilities that already exist in the community, from village halls to local charities to individual people’s skills. We will work with volunteers and in some cases offer payment where qualified people can deliver services, as in the Shared Lives’ programme (See Social Care section). This is known as an ‘asset-based community development’ (ABCD) approach’. It can be used for example in early years support and reablement (see section on social care), building on the proven work of Wiltshire’s existing team of local area co-ordinators.

The Liberal Democrats’ vision includes giving more power to local communities and having decisions made as close as possible to where their outcomes are felt. That means giving local people the opportunity to get involved in decision-making.

It also means having the right relationships between area boards, town and parish councils and encouraging those bodies to work in partnership with voluntary, specialist and charity groups. 

This section sets out our plans to work in new ways to deliver public health, wellbeing, social care, education, and services for children and young people while promoting equality and diversity and involving communities in decision-making.

It covers the following: