Weather, Jobs and Wiltshire's Recovery

The climate emergency. This phrase is met with a mixture of emotions: frustration, anger, helplessness, and anxiety.

Some may deny that this emergency exists but the effects are being felt across the globe. The potential effects outweigh the past year of the coronavirus.

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Simple, Reliable and Cheap Ways to Travel in Wiltshire

Disconnectivity in Wiltshire is one of the key issues raised to us over the years. This pushes residents into cars.

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Elections in Wiltshire a Two Horse Race - It's either the Conservative or the Lib Dems!

The Liberal Democrats are the opposition to the Conservatives in Wiltshire. Lib Dems in Wiltshire have contested all six by-elections (the election held when a councillor resigns or dies) since 2017, winning three.

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Numbers Turn out for Mental Health Seminar

Thank you to those who came to the mental health seminar in recognition of Time to Talk Day and Children's Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Wiltshire Lib Dems to host Mental Health Seminar

A public seminar to spread awareness of mental health issues has been organised by Wiltshire's Liberal Democrats.

The event takes place on Time to Talk day, Thursday, February 4 at 1.45pm, and aims to spark up conversation around mental health.

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The Brewing Mental Health Crisis Among Our Young

The pandemic is having untold strain on children's mental health. We must act to protect future generations from the incoming mental health epidemic.

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This Generation's Heroes?

The pandemic has been difficult for us all. This toll is amplified for those in the NHS who put their lives on the line each day.

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Wiltshire Liberal Democrats' Plan for Wiltshire

Wiltshire Liberal Democrats' have a bold and ambitious plan for the county.

The plan aims to lead Wiltshire through its recovery through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

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