This Generation's Heroes?

By Joshua Charles, Feb 02, 2021 12:02

Person wearing a medical mask outdoors

The pandemic has been difficult for us all. This toll is amplified for those in the NHS who put their lives on the line each day.

According to UNISON, 48% of NHS workers feel as though they cannot cope with the pressures, 51% of the 14,000 stated they'd sought out aid in improving their mental health, with 27% of them using wellbeing apps in order to cope.

Therefore, the Wiltshire Liberal Democrats are calling on the government to ensure these apps are free for Health sector workers beyond the March deadline, extending this beyond the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Such an action is the least the government can do for the people risking their lives as a result of government inaction, not just in the early days of this crisis, but throughout its course.

Furthermore, the Wiltshire Liberal Democrats are demanding the government make true on their promise to level up the country, by paying the nurses, ambulance technicians, care assistants, catering staff and all other healthcare workers more than the meagre £250 that the chancellor has promised.

Times like these are our true test, the government will decide who matter and who do not. Will the government support the heroes of our time, or continue to recklessly throw millions of pounds toward yet more corrupt and untested practices?

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