Equality and Diversity


“Equality, diversity and human rights are defining values of a fair and just society. We promote equality of opportunity for all.  We support giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.” Liberal Democrat policy

What is the challenge?

Britain, including Wiltshire, is a long way from being truly inclusive. People from ethnic minorities still face inequality and racism. But diversity is not all about race.  Women are still generally paid less than men. Same-sex marriages were only introduced recently. Transgender people encounter widespread prejudice. 

What will we do?

Liberal Democrats have a long history of standing up for equality, diversity and inclusion. For example, we fought for same-sex marriage and are working to narrow the gender pay gap. We believe people are happier if they can be themselves without fear. Communities and organisations flourish when they welcome people from all backgrounds.   Wiltshire Council is already committed to celebrate the diversity of people who live and work in Wiltshire and as Liberal Democrats we will do more to make that commitment a reality.

In Wiltshire, a Liberal Democrat Council will:

  • Promote diversity, work to eliminate discrimination and reduce inequality;
  • Fight racism, intolerance, and negative stereotypes;
  • Support equal rights for all, with particular reference to women, ethnic minorities, disabled people and LGBTQ groups;
  • Challenge gender stereotypes and work to eliminate gender inequality;
  • Promote positive and sustainable relationships between communities.

Immediate priorities

  • Seek to establish a charter for equality and diversity, setting out our commitment and support for all groups, cultures and needs in Wiltshire, in partnership with charities such as Stonewall, the Stephen Lawrence Trust and others;

  • Review the council’s procedures and practices for recruitment, career progression, pay and promotion, to eliminate inherent and unconscious biases;

  • Investigate policies and practices for procurement – ensuring transparency in tendering processes and the maintenance of preferred supplier lists;

  • Ensure councillors and senior staff learn how to recognise and deal with unconscious biases;

  • Review procedures and training for employees in dealing with members of the public – in housing, care, education, policing, among other areas of council service;

  • Review the council’s complaints procedures and its reporting on issues of equality diversity and discrimination;

  • Strengthen the council’s  understanding and data  on gender, black and minority ethnic communities, disabled people and LGBTQ groups – respecting personal choices over disclosing information and all relevant privacy provisions – and set out reports on numbers and trends for employees, council services, Wiltshire residents and council suppliers.
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